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We ensure the best at each stages of production at the modern state of art technology. We have three spinning units with one located at Rayarpalayam premises near palladam and two other spinning units are located in kethanur with well equipped machineries and been handled with most experienced and skilled employees.

Ensuring stringent Quality check at every stages of process

Further we deploy stringent quality check at every stages of process until the end products are been delivered to the clients place. We there by consume around 50,000 kg of cotton per day and produce around 45,000 kg of yarn. The production of our fabrics takes place in both power loom and handloom departments. We deploy 2500 power looms and 400 auto looms located in places like Avinashi, Somanur, Annur and Palladam.

Use of 100% Renewable energy

Being an eco conscious company we deploy 8mw of wind energy and 2mw of solar energy. We have recently collaborated with the Tata solar, and have set up one of the largest roof top solar plant in the country. And we have planned to extend another 1 mw of solar power in the coming years.

Process from the start to finish


Cottons are usually handpicked from the fields in India and been ginned with the contamination controlled measures. And it is been processed through our state of art machineries – modern contamination scanners to remove the foreign fibers and involves tough screening.


Finally after filtering out the foreign fibers it goes through the spinning process in our state of art machineries where the fibers produced in the early stages are been converted into yarn. Since the cotton are handpicked the best, the yarn parameters would match the best industry standards delivering the best quality yarn.


Sizing is the most important part of weaving. It is done by applying various types of size materials on the yarns. It includes the application of adhesive type coating on the yarn surface.


Weaving would be the best part amongst the process and it involves interlacing the two types of yarn with one another to form clothes or a fabrics. We deploy the best in class power looms and auto looms for the weaving process.


Finally, finest quality garments are produced using the fabrics generated during the weaving process. The strict selection of cottons from the cotton seeds and stringent processes of quality checks followed by spinning, sizing and weaving lead to the production of quality garments at competitive price to have the best for yourself!

We never compromise in Quality offering products at competitive price to satisfy our client's requirements.

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